Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Angel Fund At Work

Odin is a 7-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. He was surrendered to Lake Humane Society back in September of 2013 because his previous owner could no longer keep him. When Odin came to LHS he was not in the best of shape. He was thin and clearly had some sort of skin issue. While in our care the LHS staff, with the support of our donors, has gone to great lengths to figure out what was causing Odin’s condition.

Odin is one of the latest recipients of The Angel Fund. The Angel Fund is a separate savings account, which is used to pay for surgeries, treatments and other medical bills for animals in serious need of immediate medical attention. Generous donors make contributions to be used specifically in these cases. Without the help of our donors, we would not be able to care for these animals that need us the most. To learn more about The Angel Fund, click here!

Odin was taken to a local dermatologist and they suspected that Odin has color dilution alopecia and potentially an allergy. Color dilution alopecia is a genetic skin disorder associated with abnormal pigment distribution in hair shafts. Affected dogs are normal at birth but usually begin losing hair between six months and two years of age.  Color dilution alopecia typically causes dry, flaky skin, which can also be itchy.  Color dilution alopecia is chronic and irreversible, but the prognosis is good. It is a cosmetic problem that does not affect the dog’s quality of life.

After 3 months of the medication, Dr. Bednarik, Lake Humane Society’s veterinarian, has noticed improvements in Odin’s skin. Odin has also put on some weight since his treatment started. Odin's medications will most likely be life-long and he requires a specific diet.

While this may seem like quite the undertaking, Odin will pay his family back with tons of love. He truly is a sweetheart and he deserves a loving forever home just as much as any other dog. Odin just wants a person, and a home, to call his own. Odin is available for adoption at Lake Humane Society, but he is also a candidate for foster as we believe a home environment would suit him better while he is on his medication. Odin requires a home without any cats or small animals.

If you think Odin is the dog for you, please contact us at (440) 951-6122.

Not in the position to adopt or foster Odin, but still want to help? Make a donation to go directly towards Odin continued medical care. Click here to donate now!

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Samantha Rohm said...

He is an amazing furkid, I truly hope the person who adopts Odin, gives him tons of love & attention :-*