Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Become a Foster & Help Us Save More Lives

With spring comes warmer weather and with warm weather comes litters of kittens… LOTS of litters of kittens. Here at Lake Humane Society, we are trying to keep up with kitten season which runs throughout spring and summer. We rely on our dedicated foster families to take these kittens into their homes until they are ready for adoption. Many of our foster families help continuously by taking in new litters as often as they can. We are always looking for new foster families who are willing to help these animals in need. Learn more about becoming a foster for LHS by visiting our website.

Please participate in our "Kitten Shower" and help us stock up on much-needed supplies for our foster pets! We are reaching out to our community to help us care for these animals. We are seeking donations so that we can stock up on necessary supplies for our foster program. We provide our foster homes with all of the supplies they will need while fostering our animals. As part of our kitten shower, we have made up a small “registry” with items we desperately need.

If you would like to help, please consider donating: 
  • Kitten Formula (KMR Milk Replacer) 
  • Kitten Bottles 
  • Cat Litter 
  • Food Storage Containers w/ Lids (cereal container size) 
  • Microwavable Heat Pads 
  • Canned Cat/Kitten Food (Pate) 
  • Gift Cards to Local Pet Stores (to restock these items)
To purchase these items now and have them conveniently shipped directly to us, click here to view our Foster Wish List on Amazon.

Are you interested in helping even more? Become a foster family for Lake Humane Society. The shelter is always in need of new foster families who are willing to care for animals in need of some extra TLC. Fostering kittens and mom cats is only part of the program. LHS also depends on foster families to care for dogs and cats that are recovering from an injury or surgery and animals with special needs as well.

For more information on becoming a foster and helping to save lives, visit our website. You can also call the shelter at (440) 951-6122 and speak with a member of our Foster Team. Click here to get started on your Foster Application.

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