Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Say hello to Fritzi!
 Fritzi is a soft, shy little rabbit who loves being petted. She came to 
LHS because she was abandoned and is now looking for her furever home 
where she can feel safe and loved. So if you would like to add a very sweet, 
soft companion to your household, just ask for Fritzi!

Up next is Grand!
This beautiful lady is Grand. She is quiet and shy, but once she gets 
adjusted to her surroundings, she very much enjoys being petted. Grand came 
to LHS as a stray, and even though she would agree that the she is well cared 
for here, she now needs to find her furever home. She would do best with children
 over the age of 10. So if you are looking to add a very calm, sweet 
companion to your life (and lap), just ask for Grand.  

The gorgeous Sweetie Pie!
This gorgeous gal is Sweetie Pie. She came to the shelter on January 1 when the police brought her in as a stray. She is very calm and affectionate, and would happily make a wonderful lap warmer for you. Even though she is happy and healthy at LHS, she is hoping to find the furever home she deserves; A home preferably with children over the age of 5. She also would get along with with other feline siblings. So if you're looking to add a very affectionate companion to your life (and lap), just ask for Sweetie Pie. 

And then there is Snuggles!
Snuggles was brought to LHS back in July of 2014 because her 
owners could no longer care for her. She was adopted 3 months later only 
to be returned because of her owner's allergies. Snuggles is a very sweet, 
energetic girl just looking for some one to play and cuddle with. She is 
ready to find the real furever home that she deserves. Come check her 
out. She just might be the next great addition to your family.

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