Monday, September 26, 2016

Kylie Finds a Loving Home

While we celebrate all adoptions here at LHS, we had one very special adoption yesterday that we are celebrating a little extra today. We hope Kylie's happy tail brings a smile to your face on this dark, rainy Monday morning!

In early August, our Humane Agent seized 6 dogs, all husky/shepherd mixes, from a home in Lake County. These 2 adult dogs and 4 puppies were severely neglected, forced to live outside without adequate shelter, food, or water. All 6 dogs were very poorly socialized, making them completely terrified of new people and situations. Kylie was a little more brave than some of the other dogs from the home, but even she would tremble and hide at first (as you see in the top right photo).

Fast forward through 7 weeks of rehabilitation, and now Kylie is in a loving home where she will live inside and get to experience what being part of a family is all about. This collage, sent to us by Kylie's adopter, shows that with love, patience, and consistency, dogs can be some of the most resilient creatures. Despite being mistreated and neglected by her previous owner, Kylie is learning to trust again and she's learning what it feels like to be loved and cherished. Kylie has only been in her new home for one night, and already you can see just how happy she is to be home. This is what we want for all of the animals that enter our care and these photos make us proud to say that we truly helped a dog in need.

Kylie and Kairo, one of the puppies in the home, are both living great lives with families who love them. Just as they've always deserved. Kyodie (the other adult dog), and the remaining puppies, Killian, Kellan, and Karley, are still being rehabilitated by loving, devoted LHS foster families and staff members. The remaining 4 dogs were much more fearful than Kylie and Kairo, so they will need more time learning to adjust to new situations and learning to trust humans again. They are all making significant progress, and we look forward to getting photos of them from their future adopters with beautiful smiles on their face just as Kylie has below.

We cannot thank our staff, volunteers, fosters and adopters enough for understanding that some dogs need a little more time, patience, and nurturing. These dogs had some serious healing to do, and it warms our hearts to watch firsthand as they do just that.

We'd also like to thank you, our supporters, for making the work we do here at Lake Humane possible. Without your support, we would never have the resources needed to care for animals in need like Kylie. Your donations make it possible for our Humane Agent to fight animal cruelty and neglect right here in Lake County. YOU made it possible for us to provide these dogs with love, care, shelter, a warm bed, food, medical attention and treatment for the last 7 weeks. Thank you for believing in the work we do and for saving neglected dogs, like Kylie, who need us the most.

While Kylie has found a loving home, we still have so many pets in need here at LHS. We currently have 28 dogs and puppies, 151 cats and kittens, and 27 small animals in our care. Additionally, our wonderful foster families are providing care to another 50 pets in their homes. That's over 250 pets counting on us for not only food, shelter, and care, but they all also require a medical evaluation, behavior evaluation, and vaccinations and preventatives. Many of the pets that enter our care need to be spayed/neutered before they can be adopted and some even require other surgeries, treatments, and medications for medical conditions. Donations made by you, our supporters, make it possible for us to care for 250 pets each and every day. Pets like Kylie.

While we are so happy for Kylie, we know there are many more neglected and abused pets out there just waiting for our help. There are also countless pets currently on our waiting list because their families can no longer keep them. Please help us save them. They all deserve a second chance, and you can make that possible. Please consider donating today. Your donation, no matter the size, will help us continue to fight for these animals in most need day after day. Please visit our website to make a one-time or monthly recurring donations now. Your donation will be put to immediate use in our lifesaving work. Please make a donation today!

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