Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Featured Adoptables

The Name is Moose
This gorgeous cat is 12 year old Moose, who was named so due to is 
large size (13.3 lbs). He is a calm and affectionate lap cat, who loves lots of 
pets and attention. He was brought to the shelter because his previous owners 
were moving and could not take him with them. He now needs to find a furever 
retirement home, preferably with children over the age of 10 and cat-friendly 
dogs and cats. So if you need a very big handsome guy in your life to 
keep your lap warm, come see Moose!

Say hello to Tommy!
This three year old boy has a gorgeous, velvety, black coat. He is very calm and will happily take all the attention your willing to give him. Sadly, he was brought to the shelter after his previous owner passed away. He is now hoping to find a furever home where he will get the one-on-one love and attention he misses so much. He would do best in a home with children over the age of 5. So if you are looking to add a very friendly, affectionate man to your life, just ask for Tommy!

Lady Jane the Himalayan
This pretty little thing is Lady Jane. She is a 8 year old Himalayan mix. She was brought to shelter with matted fur and  has since gotten a very stylish hair cut. It might not look like it, but she loves it. Her favorite pastimes are being petted and good conversation, for she is quite talkative. Even though she is happy and healthy at the shelter, she is hoping to find her forever home without children. So come check her out! She just might be your next best friend.

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