Friday, February 13, 2015

Will You Be Blue's Valentine?

Open Your Heart To A Homeless Animal in Need

Animals have so much love to give. All they want is a human to share their life with. Someone to cuddle them at night, a companion to go on walks and new adventures with, a best friend forever. Abused, neglected and abandoned animals may never know such simple acts of kindness.

With your help, we can mend these broken hearts and give second chances to the animals who need it most. Thanks to our generous supporters, we were able to care for and find loving homes for 1,104 animals. These 1,104 animals now have the happily ever after they've always dreamt of. We were able to help these animals because of you.

Blue and hundreds of other homeless animals are currently in our care. They are all searching for their forever home. Please consider opening your heart and your home to a shelter pet. Can't adopt? Please give a donation so we can continue our lifesaving efforts. We cannot do this without your support.

Click here to give a donation and help save lives.
Click here to view our adoptable pets.

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