Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Featured Adoptables

This is Bella, a beautiful black lab mix who came to the shelter in mid-June because her owner did not have enough time to care for her. She is four and a half years old which means, with plenty of life left in her, she has lots of energy and loves to play! Bella can be shy and needy at times but she is such a loving and affectionate lady. Even though she is happy and healthy here at LHS, she would love to find a furever home that she can call her own. And, because she needs lots of exercise, she would love to have a fenced in backyard where she can play and run around with her new family. She would also do great with children over the age of 5. Come into the Lake Humane Society and see if she could be the next great addition to your home!

Say hello to 2-year-old Grasshopper! Grasshopper is one laid back kitty. She truly enjoys being petted, and her purring machine runs non-stop to show her appreciation.  When she is not zonked out in your lap, she also can be quite playful and talkative. She is always up for a good play session or a nice conversion. Grasshopper came to the shelter because her previous owner could no longer take care of her. She is now looking for a new furever home. And, because she has such an easygoing personality, she would do just fine with children of all ages, as well as with other feline siblings. She is used to being on mouse duty, however, so it would be best to keep her away from small animals. So if you are looking to add a very affectionate, sweet kitty to your life (and lap), just ask for Grasshopper!

Today's featured senior is sweet, affectionate Puss! Her favorite things are being petted and lots of snuggling. It doesn't matter the time or the day, this 9-year-old will gladly soak up any attention you are willing to give her. Puss came to the shelter because her previous owner could no longer take care of her. She is now hoping to find a new family that will give her the one-on-one love and attention she misses.  She would do best in a home with children over the age of 10 (pending a visit). Can you give her the love and care she deserves? Stop in and see her at LHS!

This is 2-year-old Bobby. He may be a little rough looking on the outside (even has a stubby tail) but don't let that fool ya! This big ham is actually one of the most affectionate cuddle-bugs you will ever meet. Even though the guys among our staff and volunteers enjoy his company, he has really won over the  hearts of the ladies! Bobby absolutely adores being petted and is more than okay with a couple hugs here and there. After surviving life out in the big world, as a stray, he is more than ready to find a forever home (with children over the age of 10) where he will feel safe and loved. So if you are looking for a super sweet, super affectionate cuddle buddy, Bobby's your guy!

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