Thursday, July 30, 2015

Help Fight Animal Abuse and Cruelty

In order to help us continue to defend and protect the pets in need, we need your support. Our Humane Investigations Department is a truly invaluable service that we provide the community and we cannot continue to do so without your support. Lake Humane Society does not receive government, state or county funding for any of the programs or services we provide to the community. We need your continued support in order to remain the voice for these animals in need. 

To donate today and help us save lives, please click here

Lake Humane Society is proud to provide the Lake County community with a Humane Investigations Department. Our Humane Agent is responsible for ensuring that all animals in Lake County receive proper care and kindness. Allegations of abuse and neglect are investigated weekly during her part-time shift. LHS is committed to being a voice and protector of the animals in need. 

Lake Humane Society would like to provide our Humane Agent with new equipment and supplies so that she can do her job effectively and safely when animals are frightened and dangerous. This is where you come in.

LHS is a private, non-profit organization that runs solely on donations. We do not receive government or state funding, nor are we funded or operated by any national humane organizations. All of our programs and services, including Humane Investigations, are made possible through your generous donations.

We are raising funds to purchase safety equipment, dangerous animal handling supplies and other equipment needed to care for animals taken in through Investigations for our agent and staff, who deal with frighten, injured and aggressive animals daily. Your donations will help make this possible! 

Please donate today and watch your contribution be immediately put to use within our community. We can't do this without you.

Lee Nesler, Executive Director

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